2016 Campout Dates Announced

The campout dates for 2016 have been announced.  The first will be June 16th-19th, while the second will be August 25th-28th.  The June campout is already more than half booked, so we would recommend reserving your spot as soon as you can.  

During our campout this past August, we created a second place to suspend from, so attendees of next year's campouts will have two suspension locations to choose from.  Attendees can hang any time during the campout weekend.  Suspensions are first-come, first-serve.  Any inverted suspensions or suspensions over the waterfall will require a harness.

Minimum donation to attend is $135, and this covers supplies for any and all suspensions you'd like to do, minus the cost of hooks ($35 per gilson or $50 for as many mustads as needed). That donation will cover you for as many suspensions as you'd like for the weekend. You may bring your own hooks if you already own some.  They must be brought already autoclaved.

To get more details, or to reserve a spot, email Cere at cerewf@gmail.com

Suspension for "Lilith: From Myth To Flesh" Project

This past weekend, White Flag facilitated a suspension for the "Lilith: From Myth To Flesh" project.  The location was at a cavern in upstate New York.  This was a side suspension, where hooks were placed down the right side of Luna's body.  The whole experience was truly beautiful to behold.

On October 24th, we will be continuing our work on this project by facilitating a suspension performance, with Luna Duran and Gretchen Heinel as suspendees.

White Flag Campout, June 5-7, 2015

Every year, White Flag hosts campouts in rural Pennsylvania, where we facilitate suspensions over a beautiful waterfall.  This year were fortunate enough to schedule two campouts.  Our first campout happened over the weekend of June 5th through 7th.  It was, as always, amazing. There were beautiful people doing incredible things, escaping, even if only for a few days, from the hectic outside world. From first timers to amazing nightime waterfall suspensions illuminated only by starlight, we all bonded and shared our suspensions with one another.

We are beyond excited for our next campout, which will be held August 14th through 16th.  While spaces for that event have filled, come September we will be posting the dates for the 2016 campouts.  We are also, as always, available for private indoor or outdoor suspensions.  To book, please email cerewf@gmail.com.