2018 Iceland Campout

For the year 2018, White Flag will be making the trek to northeastern Iceland for our annual campout. The dates will be August 6th-8th. Bear in mind that this is a brand-new location for us (in a foreign country), so expect the unexpected. Additionally, to minimize our impact on the suspension site, we will be camping at a campground and guesthouse approximately 10 miles from the waterfall. This is a drug free and animal free event.

Attendees can hang any time during the campout.  Suspensions are first-come, first-serve. Any inverted suspensions will require a harness.

Minimum donation to attend is $165, and this covers supplies for any and all suspensions you'd like to do, minus the cost of hooks ($35 per gilson or $50 for as many mustads as needed). You may bring your own closing (blacksheep or gilson) hooks if you already own some.  They must be brought already autoclaved. We do NOT reuse open hooks such as mustads or sea demons, so please do not bring them!

Please message Gretchen at gretchenheinel@gmail.com for further details or to reserve a spot. Attendance is very limited, and the only way to ensure you have reserved your spot is to message directly and send in your donation.