2017 Campout Dates Announced


The campout date for 2017 has been announced.  We will only be hosting one campout this year, it will occur from July 11th-14th. There are a very limited number of people allowed to attend, and we're already half-booked.  The only way to guarantee that you will have a spot will be to predonate, as spots will go to those who predonate on a first come first serve basis. All predonations are non refundable.

Minimum donation to attend is $150 and covers supplies for any and all suspensions you'd like to do, minus the cost of hooks ($35 per gilson or $50 per suspension for as many mustads as needed). The baseline donation will cover you for as many suspensions as you'd like for the weekend. You can bring your own Gilsons if you already own some, but they must already be autoclaved!

During our campout in the past two years, we created a second place to suspend from, so attendees of the coming 2017 campout will have two suspension locations to choose from.  Attendees can hang any time during the campout weekend.  Suspensions are first-come, first-serve.  Anyone can come and suspend, but if you're not ready, we will NOT be bringing you up over the waterfall, but you can suspend in the forest.  Any inverted suspensions or suspensions over the waterfall will require a harness.

This is a drug free and animal free event.  The hike to the campground and waterfall is fairly strenuous, and there is limited parking at the trailhead, which will necessitate carpooling to the trailhead.  Therefore, BRING WHAT YOU NEED WITH YOU as there are no stores nearby for store runs.

To get more details, or to reserve a spot, email Cere at cerewf@gmail.com