White Flag Suspension is based around the belief that the experience of the suspension is the most important aspect of it, and that in letting go of all expectations and allowing yourself to surrender to the experience, amazing new things will unfold.

White Flag is not a "crew", but rather an idea and a set of standards, culminating in practitioners of various suspension teams working together to guide supendees through this ritual. We follow the Code of Ethics put forth by the CSP (Council of Spiritual Practices) and work to the highest standards of the suspension community. We do this because we love saving lives, and we treat the act of suspension with respect.

White Flag is based out of the NYC area and offers suspensions in various environments, but is not limited to NY and frequently travels domestically and internationally. We also provide both private suspensions and hold small events throughout the year in some beautiful environments, such as the ones seen in our gallery. If you'd like to know more, or if you'd like to set up a suspension, please feel free to contact Cere Coichetti.


shoot us a text/call at 917-863-1584.